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About Us

Gregg Lewis


A marketing and technology professional over 15 years in government, private and listed companies. Entered Web3 in 2016 as a consultant at Gartner; helping unicorns, MNCs, financial services and governments explore the adoption of blockchain technology and hasn’t looked back since.

While building Wush, Gregg sits on the boards and advisory panels of several organizations ranging from startups, MNCs and universities to help broaden his perspective of the world as well as to help shape the future in his own small way while enabling blockchain adoption and literacy.


Ethan Bok


During his almost two-decade tenure at Microsoft, Ethan served as an IT Engineer and Senior Learning Program Manager (SEA Lead). He provided essential technical consultancy to Microsoft's leadership teams and clients, actively shaping digital workplace initiatives, contributing to the development of new digital learning platforms, and playing a key role in the global deployment of advanced technologies.

He recognizes that Web3 has the potential to level the playing field, offering unprecedented opportunities and accessibility in the near future. Driven by a commitment to contribute to this transformative landscape, Ethan is enthusiastic about playing an active role in shaping and advancing the potential of Web3.


Jaye Foo


Jaye is an award-winning creative and entrepreneur who founded The Parlour, a creative space in Singapore, Seoul, Paris and Amsterdam hosting over 100 events with partners like Yuga Labs, Coinbase and Sandbox.

He is also the mastermind behind Manifest, the world’s 1st Cryptopunk NFT Band. Having been previously scammed of 4 Bitcoin, he strives to create a safer and more user-friendly experience for those new to Web3.

Jaye has been featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, CNA, NHK, Vogue, Esquire, Robb Report, The Business Times, The Straits Times, Hypebeast and has worked with Nike, Hugo Boss, Moncler, Converse and Gentle Monster.


Pamela Tan


Pam is a cognitively flexible and reliable growth manager with years of experience both independently and as a team player in a wide variety of industries. She has earned notoriety for a proven track record of bringing new and bright ideas to the table, and an initiative that achieves success within requisite deadlines.

Adept in SMM, Pam has designed and spearheaded various SME’s social media marketing strategies across all media platforms, resulting in high levels of brand awareness and customer engagement. Able to adapt to a diverse group of people, she has collaborated with clients globally to reach congruent goals for both company and client’s interests. With definitive market research and networking, she is apt in negotiating suitable outcomes to help expand the companies’ market reach internationally.


The Team

Based in Busan, South Korea. specializes in international trade between South Korea and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region



Based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Director of the Naval Group manufacturing pine based products.



Based in Singapore. Founder of iconic Southeast Asian streetwear label; The King of Merchandise in Web3.

King of Merch


Based in Bali, Indonesia. Worldwide luxury resorts and lifestyle venues developer and owner.



Based in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. owner and clinician of a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) clinics

Da Draggin


Based in Singapore. Digital marketing at one of the largest luxury timepieces brands.



Manager at a Fortune 100 company by day, full-stack developer by night; since 2012.

Kim L


Based in Singapore. Specializes in recruitment and placement of top talent in Asia.



A senior software developer and project manager at a leading European telco.



Life insurance, asset management and legacy planning specialist.



Based in Jakarta. Industrialist.

Neelesh M


Based in Singapore. Senior Director, Impactful Brand Experiences APAC for Colgate-Palmolive



An ex-Disney+ subscriber, based in Singapore.



Product management veteran with regional experience in Southeast Asia’s largest bank.



Based in Zurich, Switzerland. Senior Research Scientist and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Cryptography.



A medical doctor, immersed in digital health and healthtech, based in Singapore.

Dr. Saishreyas Sundarajoo


Co-Founder of a prominent recruitment consultancy and search firm hiring focusing on Web2 and Web3 placements across APAC, based in Singapore.



Early Backers


Let's face it, the Web3 barrier to entry is pretty high. We often hear that it is really cool tech, built by tech guys, for tech guys. It's not straightforward or intuitive, and tends to expose new users to potentially dubious and malicious sites that could end with wallets being drained.


We help ease the process of getting started and navigating safely as well as building Web3 literacy and competency with confidence. Wush curates popular projects, products and services that are known for being secure to help new users gain exposure.


We want to make it easy for onboarding new Web3 users to take advantage of all that it has to offer, which in turn will contribute to the organic and sustainable growth of the space. A Wush ecosystem is being built around the user as opposed to the 'build it and they will come' approach.

Our Project

Phase 1: Curated listings and explorations

Phase 2: Partners and ecosystem

Phase 3: Integrations and tokens drop


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