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Walk-through: Binance Basics

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Binance stands out as the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, offering a platform where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It is known for its wide range of services that cater to varying levels of experience.

Unique Selling Points
  • Leading Trading Volume: The highest trading volume globally, providing liquidity and a constantly active market for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

  • Multichain Withdrawal Options: Easily withdraw tokens to various blockchain networks, including Solana and Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

  • Diverse Payment Methods: Supports numerous on-ramping options, including credit card purchases and peer-to-peer transactions.

  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Catering to users of all experience levels, Binance offers tailored interfaces that simplify trading and investment strategies, even for those new to cryptocurrency.

Benefits for Users
  • The primary advantage of using Binance is the sheer variety of cryptocurrencies available for trade, which significantly surpasses most other exchanges.

  • This variety, coupled with the ability to interact with multiple blockchains, places Binance at the forefront of decentralized finance (DeFi) exploration.

  • Users benefit from robust security measures, a user-centric interface, and innovative features that enhance their trading experience and potential for growth within the crypto space.

Basic Walk-through

Creating an account

Go to Select Sign Up from either the main page or the top right corner and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you have successfully created your account on Binance, you can start purchasing cryptocurrencies using a credit card or through peer-to-peer transactions.

Purchasing cryptocurrencies

To purchase cryptocurrencies on Binance, simply click on Buy Cryptos on the top menu of the page.

On the Buy Cryptos page, you will see a dialog on the left.

Enter the amount you would like to spend in the Spend field of the dialog

In the Receive field, click on the dropdown menu to select the cryptocurrency you would like to purchase.

Click Verify and Buy at the bottom to start your purchase.

Once the transaction is completed, it will be shown in your account dashboard under Assets > Overview.

Withdrawing cryptocurrencies

If you would like to withdraw your cryptocurrencies to your own wallet or in fiat currency, you can select Withdraw from the Assets option.

Choose the withdrawal method* and enter the necessary information on the screen.

*You can withdraw either in cryptos or in fiat. To withdraw in cryptos, please ensure you have a wallet ready. You can check out our guide on Crafting Your Self-custody Wallet.

We hope this walk-through has given you the confidence to start using Binance and shown you just how simple it can be.

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Walk-through: Binance Basics

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